Suicide Squad

Too bad the squad didn’t die…

Premise and Conflict

It was bad enough that the reason for assembling the squad was largely the same as Batman’s line of thinking in the last movie, but SS was even worse because Amanda Waller did it before there was a threat. Even worse than that was the clumsiness of Enchantress arising as the threat due to Amanda’s assembling of the squad. Still worse, there was a disconnect between the squad and witch. Never mind that it didn’t feel like a suicide mission to stop the witch, the squad was comprised mostly of regular humans and that made their victory phony.

From the movie’s perspective that it was a suicide mission that required expendables, the glaring question is- why were soldiers part of it? It’s also true that a team of Marines could’ve done all the same work.

The witch’s plan wasn’t clear and how her brother turned people into creatures was stupid…or perhaps the issue was that the creatures looked like they were from the original 1960s Star Trek series.


There’s the saying that a hero is only as good as the villain is bad and the villain here was awful. She was a witch who in one second teleported to Tehran to steal secret documents, yet she needed to build a head-scratcher of a device and take precious time doing so in order to kill the world. What, she couldn’t break into the CDC and spread deadly viruses?

More confusing, she got her brother involved who, for most of Act II, was more of a villain than her and did the stupid thing of drawing attention to himself. Their plan would’ve succeeded with minimal discretion.

Killer Croc didn’t do anything until the very end. Captain Boomerang didn’t do anything special and his “power” of the boomerang was laughable. Harley Quinn had a few good lines, but stuck out like a sore thumb for not even having a skill like Boomer. Diablo was the only one with a superpower, yet shooting fire has been done numerous times. Joker was a joke, it was like Jared Leto’s trans character from Dallas Buyers Club done as the Joker…it felt like the actor was trying to impress audiences with his version of the villain, as opposed to feeling that the character was real.


The Batman cameo was ridiculous. He intercepted Deadshot with his daughter and said, “I don’t want to do this in front of your daughter.” Gee, you just did. Using the daughter against him should’ve meant apprehending him alone and mentioning that his daughter shouldn’t read about him hurting Batman or the police.

Diablo in the backstory killed his wife and children. Was that to make the audience feel good in rooting for the squad’s success?

Amanda Waller killed some colleagues and FBI agents. That didn’t give me the impression that she was cold as ice, that gave me the impression that the creators of the movie didn’t put enough thought into character and story.

In the backstory, Joker pushed Harley Quinn into a vat of…I dunno. And that affected Harley by…I dunno.


The music felt like a cheap attempt to duplicate the soundtrack success of Guardians of The Galaxy.

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