A few good laughs, but overall the movie wasn’t memorable.


There was no B Story or perhaps it was too flimsy to notice. At the very end, CIA analyst-turned-spy Melissa McCarthy did not hook up with Jude Law and instead spent time with her female colleague, Miranda Hart. That felt a bit like Superbad and some of those other bromance movies, but nothing or little in this flick lead up to that moment.


Early on, the video of Melissa’s bad-ass training spoiled some of the irony of her being a spy.

The Gallows

The only thing worth mentioning about this useless movie…


In a horror flick where teens are trapped in a school, the obvious should not be ignored- why didn’t these kids try to break a window of a ground-floor classroom?

Jurassic World

An enjoyable update on the premise and visuals, a disappointing downgrade on the characters.


Chris Pratt was always on the verge of being funny or cool as he was in Guardians Of The Galaxy, but ultimately he came off as a stick figure saying requisite lines. Another fine actor, Bryce Dallas Howard, also suffered from what seemed like poor direction or a poor script. While there was more going on with her character, that successful and frail type was common and annoying. Even the kids weren’t fun and the older brother turned friendly too soon.


As above, there were too many times where basic info was repeated and where characters said typical things in typical ways.


Vincent D’Onofrio’s character wanting to use raptors or other dinosaurs as supersoldiers was laughable.

I liked the idea of the Indominus rex, but not that it looked so similar to a T-rex and where it differed in ability was more off-screen. That made it hard to appreciate as a new and unique creature.


A pleasant movie that lost steam in the second half and was more of a dish that’s quickly forgotten than one that makes me want to eat it again.


There was none in the second half. From getting and cleaning the truck to making and selling the food, Jon Favreau and John Leguizamo barely faced a hiccup and there was only one moment of conflict between Favreau and his son.

The Skeleton Twins

An okay movie that would’ve been much better without the unnecessary degree of darkness.


Brother and sister Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig started the movie as suicidal and not for deep reasons like suffering abuse, but rather the common tribulations of midlife. Rather than make me care about them, it made me look down at them.

Down The Shore

A good little flick that easily could’ve made more of an impact.


It always felt like something was missing. When the French widower arrived in New Jersey, James Gandolfini assumed he was trying to scam him. But that sentiment didn’t last and it was hard to read the ex-husband of James’ sister. More dramatic possibilities included showing the ex with a secret plan to scam James and then having a change of heart at the end, showing the sister making him promise to help James and it’s a matter of James believing it or not and the ex having to deal with the backlash/conflict, or just a stronger indication of ‘what’s the guy up to?’

The Angriest Man In Brooklyn

The premise had potential and there were some cute and sweet moments, but…


What Robin Williams was after could’ve been sharper. First it was to see his ex-wife and have sex with her and then it shifted to seeing his son. Either the focus should’ve been on the son and perhaps Robin could’ve bumped into his ex along the way or the ex and son should’ve been together in one location. OR…the first half of Act II could’ve been Robin telling off people who wronged him- basically doing the wrong thing- with the Midpoint being the time he realizes he should try to see his son.


For the first half, hardly anything was added to the story by Doctor Mila Kunis chasing her patient. Yes, she needed to chase him, but the movie could’ve spent a lot less time on it.

The Midpoint of Robin jumping off the bridge felt like the All Is Lost and I’m not even sure why at that point he gave up trying to find his son. Sure enough, after Mila rescued him, he renewed the quest to find his offspring.