Horrible Bosses 2

Like Ted 2 that I saw within a couple of weeks of this, the sequel was smart in having a different premise than the original, but…

Plot and Character

The plight of the guys in the first movie was relatable and made me empathize with them. Here, it wasn’t clear if they suffered because of their own stupidity or implausibility. The stupid thing was not having a contract with Christoph Waltz; perhaps I didn’t understand something and they did have a contract and, if so, I didn’t accept the explanation that they had no legal recourse. The whole beginning just felt implausible and that cut much of my attachment to them and the adventure- getting an offer from Chris Pine based on a faulty prototype, them turning down the royalty offer, the passage of time where they built the factory, them not considering selling the products to another buyer, etc.

Waltz screwing them should’ve been clear and simple and the story should’ve respected an audience that is more knowledgeable about entrepreneurship in today’s age of Internet billionaires and TV shows like Shark Tank.

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