What if?

The Amazing Spider-Man

No, it wasn’t amazing. It was better than the awful Spider-Man 3, but nowhere near the league of Spidey 1 & 2. Character (Lizard) The biggest problem with the movie was breaking the following cardinal rule: A hero is only as good as the villain is bad. Here, while the Lizard had a great setup, […]

The Cabin In The Woods

Cool movie! Premise / Logic / What if? I loved just about everything in this movie. My only issue was with the nightmare creatures. I accepted the movie’s idea of offering sacrifices to the “ancients,” but I did not understand how that tied in to the host of zombies, ghosts, werewolves, etc. If anything, the […]

The Green Hornet

On the plus side, the first ten minutes went well. On the negative side… Premise – It was too easy for Britt Reid and Kato to become crime fighters. At the story’s opening, Kato had already developed much of the technology and was already a martial arts expert. Shifting all that to battling crime was […]

Rise of The Planet of The Apes

One of the best movies of this summer. Character Freida Pinto’s character was useless to the story. A simple thing would have been for her to conflict with James Franco by trying to persuade him to release Ceaser into the wild. Structure/Plot – From when Franco brought baby Caesar home, eight years passed before Franco […]

Captain America: The First Avenger

It was better than Thor, though not close to the levels of Iron Man, Spider-Man and S2. Premise – For a superhero, Cap was not so super. I liked his first action sequence where he chased the car on foot. Problem was, that seemed to be his greatest feat and it was only used that […]

Jonah Hex

I love revenge/justice movies, I like Josh Brolin and I like Westerns. Yet this movie made me fall asleep a few times. Character A truly dysfunctional movie shows its flawz early on. One of the most important things in any movie is for the audience to empathize with the main character. Here, Jonah Hex’s own […]


As much as I’d love to have the talent to write a Pixar movie, I can’t shy away from these comments. What if? / Other Everything was great with this fun and soaring movie until the old man and boy ran into the talking dogs in the wilderness. The movie was based on a cute […]