Margin Call

The dubious distinction of being the most boring movie in relation to the intrigue of the subject matter. I won’t bother with details…no clear sense of a protag, not active…ugh.

Another Earth

Clever and dramatic, but still a letdown. Premise Though it was smart for a low-budget movie to incorporate such a high-concept idea, it was frustrating to not explore Earth Two. Since the idea was that Earth Two was a mirror of us, it would not have affected the budget to show that world. Lesson: Do […]

The Avengers

Great character interplay and great job by Joss Whedon of maintaining a consistent feel and vision of the story while juggling so many different elements. Overall, though, I left the theater less thrilled than after seeing the first two Spider-Man movies and the first Iron-Man. Premise and Structure/Plot There are a number of things that […]


I’m pointing out one little thing that had a huge impact on the movie’s success- the simplicity of Cobb wanting to get back home to his kids. That basic thread kept the movie together and was sorely absent from Leonardo DiCaprio’s last movie, Shutter Island.


One of the worst movies of all time. Unoriginal, stupid, contrived… Don’t ask me why I saw it. It’s only worth seeing if a writer wants to understand what not to do.

Couples Retreat

I’m not sure how to categorize this one. The premise way okay, I bought the set-up and cared enough about the characters, the plot was a little clumsy but good enough for a light comedy…I guess I’ll just say that all the elements were in place, but that humor was simply absent. I chuckled just […]


I’m sorry to say this so often- it was okay, but could’ve been much better. Premise What’s the big deal about a band of superheroes where only one, Dr. Manhattan, has actual powers? Everyone else is merely skilled at combat (and skilled at masquerading) and that makes it laughable that they would be such a […]