Show, don’t tell


On the bright side, it was an ambitious movie and we need more of them. I liked the story. On the dark side… Structure It was too damn long, especially the first half. What a shame that some directors come to believe that a good movie must be more than two hours. Just like it’s […]

Jersey Boys

How to sum up the lack of emotional connection to the story? The most moving part of the movie was the musical number during the end credits. Structure/Plot It’s almost impossible for a movie to succeed when the audience isn’t grabbed in Act I. Jersey Boys didn’t grab me early on because Frankie Valli was […]

The Great Gatsby

More like, The Grate Gatsby (poor grammar aside). Too bad, Leonardo DiCaprio was at the top of his game and the love story did resonate. I didn’t write this soon after seeing the movie so what I recall are two main issues. Character Tobey Maguire was the protagonist, yet he barely had an arc and […]

Star Trek Into Darkness

Good job on the emotional side of things- namely with Captain Kirk and Spock- and bad job on the actual story. Premise Before getting into specific issues, the main problem for me was how this movie continued the origin story from the original. Only at the end were Kirk and the crew given the five-year […]

Killing Them Softly

There are two types of bad movies, one by premise and one by execution. Premise means the logline or summary sucks and execution is where the logline is intriguing, but the movie still fails. For the latter type, they don’t get much worse than Killing Them Softly. Theme, Show, Don’t Tell, and Dialogue The idea […]

The Karate Kid 2010

It’s amazing that the filmmakers copied so much of the original and this was still so pale in comparison (and pale in its own right). I don’t know where to begin… Premise A twelve year-old (Jaden Smith looked even younger) is too young to experience the level of bullying Dre did, too young for most […]

Letters to Juliet

What a great little movie! Character / Show- don’t tell – For the moment when Sophie started to appreciate Charlie, the movie needed to present action instead of the grandmother telling Sophie about his good qualities. A simple thing would have been for Sophie to see Charlie assisting his grandmother in a specific way (aside […]