After Earth

The movie came out on cable and, stupid me, I watched a little out of curiosity to see why everyone disliked it. Character The father Will Smith was presented as a type of superhero in having no fear and that made him unrelateable. Then he was an a-hole with his son Jaden Smith. Jaden himself […]

Killing Season

Character and Logic John Travolta got Robert DeNiro all alone in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Instead of tying him up, he made a game out of hunting him in the woods. This might have worked had DeNiro done something similar to Travolta in the backstory and had the whole movie taken place […]


It started well… Structure/Plot The general rule of thumb is for conflict to escalate and stories to turn and develop, but that also has to be within the world of the story. In Snitch, after just one step in the relationship with the local drug dealer, Dwayne Johnson got involved with a Mexican cartel. And […]

Carrie (2013)

A few secondary things were improved from the original, but the core remained problematic. Premise and Plot For a story about a unique teenage girl coming of age (Adolescent Passage according to Blake Snyder), there wasn’t enough to it. For a story about a girl breaking free from her psycho mother (perhaps Family Institution?), there […]


Wow! Unlike Pacific Rim, this was visually amazing and had a good story. Other – Casting Not a screenwriting issue, but I can’t help but say that George Clooney was miscast. I like him in pretty much everything else, but his movie star looks dented the realism of the movie.

Snow White and The Huntsman

I fell asleep twice during the movie. Character Snow White was the main character, yet Act I focused much more on the evil Queen. Then, until Act III, Snow was passive, merely going along with the others to that place (I say “that place” because I don’t remember or care what exactly it was). The […]


Ambitious and beautiful, but not a full and satisfying story. Character Elizabeth Shaw was not compelling as the main character and it wasn’t even clear till the second half that she was the main character.  (This was also an issue with the actress, Noomi Rapace, who didn’t attract any emotion from me till it was […]