The Angriest Man In Brooklyn

The premise had potential and there were some cute and sweet moments, but… Objective What Robin Williams was after could’ve been sharper. First it was to see his ex-wife and have sex with her and then it shifted to seeing his son. Either the focus should’ve been on the son and perhaps Robin could’ve bumped […]

Ex Machina

Interesting, but ultimately not memorable. Character The protag (Domhnall Gleeson) was not established. He was just a guy, a face, who won the contest to visit his boss’s place (Oscar Isaac). It took too long to learn anything about him to make him more than just a guy. At some point in the second half, […]

Welcome To The Punch

An okay movie that, like so many others, easily could’ve been better with a little more time at the script stage. Stakes There were none until roughly 50 minutes in- way too late- when we learned the two shooters in the hotel room were cops. Character and Plot As part of the above, Act I […]

Draft Day

More like, Boring Day. The musical score tried hard to pump life into this story because there was little of its own. Premise and Character Rather than Kevin Costner seeking to orchestrate a great deal, the story went with a twist of him trying to learn if the deal he struck early on was good […]


I would have liked this more at 90-100 minutes instead of the 130 it was. One of the slowest dramas of all time. Character Channing Tatum as Mark Schultz lived in the shadow of his older brother, David Schultz, but no reason was offered as to why that was. They were both Olympic Gold medalists […]


A great idea and fun imagination…that went nowhere. Plot There was no A Story. It seemed that Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) would’ve used her powers to destroy the entire criminal network, but no. That also would’ve been the typical route to take so kudos to Luc Besson for trying something different. Yet, the new plot direction […]

Sex Tape

It’s tempting to think that the story mistakes might have been overlooked had there been more and better laughs throughout the movie. But really, it wasn’t funny because of the mistakes. Let’s compare Sex Tape to the recent and successful Neighbors because they were both R-rated comedies involving young couples with a problem. Opening Moments […]