Narration / Voice-over

Runner Runner

This belongs in the category of “There’s bad and then there’s…” Character Most bad movies fail from the get-go and this was no exception. Sometimes the protagonist in a movie is likeable, but not Justin Timberlake’s character in this one since he steered people into gambling. Sometimes we empathize with a flawed character, but not […]

Lee Daniels’ The Butler

A lesson in what happens when story fundamentals are discarded. Premise and Character Forest Whitaker, the protagonist, had no conflict and merely witnessed things. *yawn* His son could’ve made for a better main character, but even what he experienced was unmoving because the story failed to offer a fresh perspective or comment on the past […]

World War Z

A good enough movie while watching it…fun to see a zombie flick on a global scale. Voice-over The sudden VO at the end was useless and weird coming out of left field when there was no VO in the beginning to set it up. A simple fix would have been for Brad’s daughter to ask […]

Soul Surfer

Good movie, I give it two surfs up! Voice-over While I rarely like them, this movie made the classic mistake of using too many. The one in the beginnng setting up the character would have been enough. The one in the Thailand scene was awkward because it was the first after the beginning which was […]

Everybody’s Fine

A good little movie. It was nice seeing the father’s issue and character unfold over time. Other writers may have revealed his past and flaw early on and then just dealt with the ramifications. Structure / Plot The latter part of Act I and start of Act II were awkward because, while it was already […]

My Sister’s Keeper

An okay, but frustrating tear-jerker. Structure / Plot I don’t know why the movie played out of order, jumping back and forth in time from past events to the present. Perhaps the director thought this would convey the feeling of the family splitting apart, but I thought it was confusing and unnecessary for such a […]

Kick Ass

I adjusted some of my original comments after realizing the movie was based on a graphic novel and wasn’t going to change its premise. Character and Structure/Plot Dave/Kick Ass was the hero and catalyst of Act I, but then Act II became the story of Big Daddy and Hit Girl…their actions and the actions of […]