Little things

The Bling Ring

An interesting topic that was handled flimsily. Character The main character, the gay guy, was looked down upon at the new school and, without any hint of a reason, the cool Asian girl spoke to him and invited him to the beach. While there was a sense of what motivated the guy, nothing was revealed […]


On the bright side, it was an ambitious movie and we need more of them. I liked the story. On the dark side… Structure It was too damn long, especially the first half. What a shame that some directors come to believe that a good movie must be more than two hours. Just like it’s […]

Runner Runner

This belongs in the category of “There’s bad and then there’s…” Character Most bad movies fail from the get-go and this was no exception. Sometimes the protagonist in a movie is likeable, but not Justin Timberlake’s character in this one since he steered people into gambling. Sometimes we empathize with a flawed character, but not […]

Iron Man 3

There were a lot of good things about the movie, but I left the theater feeling more confused than thrilled. It was great to see a different kind of villain and not another guy in a suit. A couple of action sequences were memorable, Tony Stark’s house crashing and Iron Man saving the falling people […]

Zero Dark Thirty

Good stuff. Character It was interesting to see an exception in that Jessica Chastain’s character completed her arc in Act I, that’s when she went from uncomfortable viewing the torture to looking stern and capable as she was for the rest of the movie. I think a more traditional arc would have elevated Act II. […]

This Is 40

I liked it while watching it as I laughed consistently throughout the movie and, as soon as it was over, forgot most of it and felt why it could have been more meaningful. Character Pete and Debbie severely lacked in the likeability department. Many of their moments were funny or relatable, yet their overall ordeal […]

Django Unchained

A good movie that would have been much better with 45 minutes of fat chopped off. Structure/Plot The scene in the first half where Don Johnson and his thugs discussed the masks was the only one where a tangent to the story was worthwhile. Otherwise, every part of the story, and especially once they arrived […]