Draft Day

More like, Boring Day. The musical score tried hard to pump life into this story because there was little of its own. Premise and Character Rather than Kevin Costner seeking to orchestrate a great deal, the story went with a twist of him trying to learn if the deal he struck early on was good […]


I would have liked this more at 90-100 minutes instead of the 130 it was. One of the slowest dramas of all time. Character Channing Tatum as Mark Schultz lived in the shadow of his older brother, David Schultz, but no reason was offered as to why that was. They were both Olympic Gold medalists […]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Unbelievable how they repeated some of the mistakes from Spider-Man 3. Too bad there is no cosmic justice that would transfer the Spidey rights back to Disney’s Marvel. Structure/Plot That’s what a movie looks like when there is no A Story, just a bunch of subplots. Character Electro was one of the worst comic book […]

Man Of Steel

For a character based on hope, the movie was too down and dark. And a little too long. Character and Structure/Plot Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) dying was ridiculous, not only because it was in trying to save a stupid dog, but because it was unnecessary. Clark (Henry Cavill) already had the burden of losing his […]

Now You See Me

More like, Don’t See Me. Premise What should have been a simple idea- Ocean’s 11 + magic- turned into nonsense with CGI and make-believe replacing actual illusions and tricks. Character The four magicians did not have a good-enough reason for agreeing to such a dangerous, uncertain and year-long stunt for an anonymous employer. I’m not […]

Star Trek Into Darkness

Good job on the emotional side of things- namely with Captain Kirk and Spock- and bad job on the actual story. Premise Before getting into specific issues, the main problem for me was how this movie continued the origin story from the original. Only at the end were Kirk and the crew given the five-year […]

Iron Man 3

There were a lot of good things about the movie, but I left the theater feeling more confused than thrilled. It was great to see a different kind of villain and not another guy in a suit. A couple of action sequences were memorable, Tony Stark’s house crashing and Iron Man saving the falling people […]