Suicide Squad

Too bad the squad didn’t die… Premise and Conflict It was bad enough that the reason for assembling the squad was largely the same as Batman’s line of thinking in the last movie, but SS was even worse because Amanda Waller did it before there was a threat. Even worse than that was the clumsiness […]

Crimson Peak

A movie of atmosphere and cool ghost effects that were tiring without the fundamentals of a good story. It’s also more proof that story trumps talent. That means a better story could’ve succeeded with a B-list cast and/or director or could’ve been a classic with this talent. Structure It took 45 minutes to get to […]


A pleasant movie that lost steam in the second half and was more of a dish that’s quickly forgotten than one that makes me want to eat it again. Conflict There was none in the second half. From getting and cleaning the truck to making and selling the food, Jon Favreau and John Leguizamo barely […]

The Bling Ring

An interesting topic that was handled flimsily. Character The main character, the gay guy, was looked down upon at the new school and, without any hint of a reason, the cool Asian girl spoke to him and invited him to the beach. While there was a sense of what motivated the guy, nothing was revealed […]