Suicide Squad

Too bad the squad didn’t die… Premise and Conflict It was bad enough that the reason for assembling the squad was largely the same as Batman’s line of thinking in the last movie, but SS was even worse because Amanda Waller did it before there was a threat. Even worse than that was the clumsiness […]

Horrible Bosses 2

Like Ted 2 that I saw within a couple of weeks of this, the sequel was smart in having a different premise than the original, but… Plot and Character The plight of the guys in the first movie was relatable and made me empathize with them. Here, it wasn’t clear if they suffered because of […]

Ted 2

A few good laughs, but overall the movie did not get close to the original. Plot The premise was smart- Ted wanted to be considered a person so that he can marry his girlfriend- because it grew naturally from the first movie and didn’t repeat the original’s story. Problem was, the typical court trial was […]


A few good laughs, but overall the movie wasn’t memorable. Structure There was no B Story or perhaps it was too flimsy to notice. At the very end, CIA analyst-turned-spy Melissa McCarthy did not hook up with Jude Law and instead spent time with her female colleague, Miranda Hart. That felt a bit like Superbad […]

Jurassic World

An enjoyable update on the premise and visuals, a disappointing downgrade on the characters. Character Chris Pratt was always on the verge of being funny or cool as he was in Guardians Of The Galaxy, but ultimately he came off as a stick figure saying requisite lines. Another fine actor, Bryce Dallas Howard, also suffered […]

The Skeleton Twins

An okay movie that would’ve been much better without the unnecessary degree of darkness. Character Brother and sister Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig started the movie as suicidal and not for deep reasons like suffering abuse, but rather the common tribulations of midlife. Rather than make me care about them, it made me look down […]

Mighty Fine

A mostly good flick, though much too thin at 82 minutes. Plot In the second half, it would’ve been good to see the father in therapy and then reconnecting with the family. Character and Plot More could’ve been done with the little sister as the observer of things (since she was the writer) or more […]