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Suicide Squad

Too bad the squad didn’t die… Premise and Conflict It was bad enough that the reason for assembling the squad was largely the same as Batman’s line of thinking in the last movie, but SS was even worse because Amanda Waller did it before there was a threat. Even worse than that was the clumsiness […]


An interesting idea that failed to capture the essence of the game. Theme In the second half, the movie focused on the Watcher aspect of the game and preached against the dangers of anonymity. Aside from the cringe-worthy, after-school-special morality, that danger is so obvious it wasn’t enough for the movie and Nerve overlooked the […]

Crimson Peak

A movie of atmosphere and cool ghost effects that were tiring without the fundamentals of a good story. It’s also more proof that story trumps talent. That means a better story could’ve succeeded with a B-list cast and/or director or could’ve been a classic with this talent. Structure It took 45 minutes to get to […]


The only good thing was the cool premise. Plot I was intrigued right away- what if one’s consciousness could be transfered to a new, “blank” body? Problem was, the movie didn’t explore that idea which was loaded with inherent drama and conflict. Instead, it explored another premise- what if the “blank” body was actually from […]

Terminator: Genisys

It was an interesting idea to twist the events of the first two movies. Too bad hardly any of it was understandable as the movie piled on one twist after another. Premise and Plot – Arnold Schwarzenegger as the original Terminator (T-800) befriended Sarah Connor when she was a little girl. That wasn’t a twist, […]

Horrible Bosses 2

Like Ted 2 that I saw within a couple of weeks of this, the sequel was smart in having a different premise than the original, but… Plot and Character The plight of the guys in the first movie was relatable and made me empathize with them. Here, it wasn’t clear if they suffered because of […]

Ted 2

A few good laughs, but overall the movie did not get close to the original. Plot The premise was smart- Ted wanted to be considered a person so that he can marry his girlfriend- because it grew naturally from the first movie and didn’t repeat the original’s story. Problem was, the typical court trial was […]