Thanks for stopping by. This is not a collection of gaffes, as when a character is holding a drink in his left hand and a second later from another angle it’s in his right. This site goes deeper, into the structure of the story, the character’s arc, etc. It looks at movies from a screenwriter’s perspective.

I’m a writer and aspiring director who likes to dissect movies. (For business matters, contact me at zak.silver # movieflawz . com. I won’t reply to film comments.)

The fact that most of these flicks were disappointing says a lot. Some did OK at the box-office, but were panned by critics (usually the sign that a movie only appealed to teenagers). Some were well-made, but made no money. Some were good, but easily could’ve been great. Some bombed on all fronts. Something went wrong. Hopefully a comment of mine can help a writer or filmmaker in the future make one movie that much better.

Disclaimer: I don’t think I’m better than any writer or filmmaker out there. I’m aware that the flawz in the finished product are not always foreseeable or can be blamed on one person. I know about the problems that money and big names cause. Some of my comments are easily aided by hindsight. The thoughts on this site are the humble opinions of one man. And I occasionally can’t resist commenting on non-writing aspects.

The movies are indexed in two ways: alphabetically, so you can examine a movie on its own, and by category of flaw, so you can examine one problem common to a few films.